National Poetry Month #4: He has Let Me Down

The LORD is my shepherd
And he has let me down.
My enemies surround me,
My friends forsake me.
The Flaming arrows of death
light the night.
Marching foot steps of sin
quake the very ground beneath me.
Like a pack of wolves they strike.
Attack! Attack! Attack!
All over me I feel their bite.
Their bite full of the serpent’s venom
coursing, burning through my veins.

Where is the LORD?
Where is his salvation?
Where is is his mighty hand
to chase away my enemies?
Where is his healing touch
to cleanse my body of death?
Where is his comfort?
Where are the eagle’s wing?

Then I remember his promises.
I open to his word spoken
through his prophets of old.
I behold his living Wisdom
sent full of creative life.
I gaze upon his Word
hanging beaten and bloodied
upon the Roman cross.
I stand in worshipful awe
of the Word victoriously
emerging from the grave.

Then I see the LORD.
I have found him!
He has already defeated
the powers of death!
He has vanquished the armies of sin.
He has not abandoned me!
He has not let me down!
My LORD reigns in victory
from his heavenly throne.
He is highly exalted over all the world.

It is to him that I turn!
It is in him that I trust!
I look to no other!
I rest in no one else!
In his victory alone I stand!
In his vindication I abide!
He is the LORD and no one else!


~ by hankimler on April 5, 2013.

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