Tales of a Ginger #1

This is a true story… Except where fabricated.

A long time ago, like just this last week, in a town far away, or more like Columbia…


There once was a strapping young man, full of life and vigor. He was of average height and slender build. His bald head and bearded red face gave him an air of authority. Yet his his green eyes spoke of grace and humility.

One day he was at work, basically this past Tuesday. The area he works in has some racial diversity, blacks and whites working together to provide a service to the city. One of his black coworkers, Drew, approached him and inquired, “Do you know what a quail sounds like?”

This was a strange query to our champion. Why ask me that? I don’t get it, he thought to himself with a look of confusion conquering his face. He answered Drew, “What?”

Drew smiled back at our champion and said, “Well, c’mon you know. What does a quail sound like? I figured you would know.”

Our hero replied, “Why would I know what a quail sounds like?”

Drew laughed, unable to hold it back any longer, “Because, dawg, you’re white. You’re supposed to know. Just like I’m black and if you fire a gun off I can tell you what gun it is by the bang.”

Out champion stood in amazement at what Drew just said. What can I say? Just cuz I’m white I should know? I’ve never hunted quail, or had anything to do with them, really.

A second black coworker heard this joke and said, “Dude, you can’t say that! It’s racist!”

The hero felt relieved that he wasn’t the only one feeling the question was racist. He joined in, “My pale skin doesn’t mean I know what a quail sounds like. And I know white people that can identify a gun by the sound it makes when fired.”

Drew still couldn’t stop laughing, except to say, “I know! But your face was so funny!” Drew kept on laughing.

Our hero looked down, trying to think of what he would say in response. Then suddenly it hit him. He didn’t know if it was a right and proper thing to say but it fit the situation and was equally funny, “So then, since you’re black, do you know what it sounds like when a dove cries?”

Our hero and Drew stared at each other and then busted out laughing.

Drew turned away to his work exclaiming in joyous laughter, “Exactly. That’s what I’m talking about!”

Our hero went back to his work, unsure if what just happened. Maybe it was the time of day it happened–for it was before dawn. Or maybe it really was funny, and not as racist as he supposed. He didn’t know. What he did know was that it was hilarious.


~ by hankimler on May 3, 2013.

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