Spoilerish Reviews of Man of Steel 2

Now it’s time for me to start talking about what I took away from Snyder’s Man of Steel (MoS). I thought this movie had surprising a lot to say, despite it’s flaws. In this post I want to start at the beginning of the film with the lesson learned from Kyrpton.

One of the things that I liked about MoS that I didn’t include in my previous post is the explanation of why Krypton exploded. The Superman myth has always been that Superman was from a planet inhabited by a race of human-looking creatures only advanced by thousands, even millions of years. Their planet explodes, destroying the entire race. Save one because of a scientist who put his infant son in a rocket aimed for Earth. Starting with Superman #53 in 1948, the myth expanded to include Jor-L and Kyrpton.

In MoS the explained why the core had become unstable and erupts, destroying the planet: Kryptonians. The people were running out of energy sources. They had been scouting the galaxy, establishing colonies, expanding their presence. But then they stopped. They became complacent and began genetically engineering each successive generation, bringing natural birth to an end. During this time the Kryptonians began to harvest the planet’s core to serve as an energy source to power Kryptonian society.

The core is destabilized and Krypton is no more. According to the Hebrew Scriptures humans are said to be stewards over the earth (Gen. 1:26-28). That it is their responsibility to serve and protect the planet. The Kryptonians failed to serve their own planet and doomed themselves to destruction. And that is the lesson, or at least one of them, to be learned hear. If we fail to care for the world that God created we can ruin the very world we live in.

I’m not getting into the whole debate of global warming and all of that ruckus. But I am talking about who we are as human beings, our God-given purpose on this planet in this life. We must harvest the resources God put here on this earth. It is a good thing to use them to build housing, grow food, produce heat. But it is as important us to figure out how to do so in a way that doesn’t violate God’s creation. Otherwise, we are doomed ourselves.

Plus James Cameron could learn about how to teach this lesson in a movie from MoS at this point, since Avatar tried to come across with the same message, only pushed further. MoS doesn’t come across preachy on this point. But it is there. Humans are stewards and care-takers of God’s good creation. The fate a Krypton reminds us of that duty, and how to do so.

~ by hankimler on June 15, 2013.

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