223 S Wacker Drive

Come, stand at 223 S Wacker Drive and behold:
the Potawatomi tribe dances in celebration.
The Great Spirit has given them a successful
hunt. There is food; there is clothing; there is shelter.

Listen to the gentle flow of the nearby river as it unites
with the great lake, the all-giving mother. Hear the
rhythmic chanting of joy and thanksgiving over
the common talk among the tribe.

Come, stand at 223 S Wacker Drive and see
The flames of the Great Chicago Fire. The
wooden city burned to the ground. Feel the
flames rage remove the city from the map.

Come and hear The city stand tall.
Men and women in business suits
enter your offices, driving
the Economy and its commerce
forward. Feel the rails drive industry.

Come, stand at 223 S Wacker Drive and peer
into the mirror at the black skyscraper that
You are. See the uniform windows on the 110
Stories. Feel the wind swirl around you, doing

Everything in its power to bring you down.
But know that the nine towers that compose
your body are strong and sturdy, each holding
the others up, pushing you higher than any other.

Come, stand at 223 S Wacker Drive and consider
who you are: the epitome of Modernity. The human
quest to uncover absolute truth with its indomitable
spirit and unshakeable methods. Humanity will not
be denied…until it is.

Come, learn Your final lesson: that
truth itself is fashioned by
observation. No one can step
outside of themselves to see the
world, naked, exposed. Truth is seen

differently because it is experienced differently.
Just as each person experiences you differently
so too with the experience of reality. That experience
is the truth. There is none other.

Come, stand at 223 S Wacker and consider
the future. You were the tallest structure in
the world, now reduced to eighth. Each new
structure will push you down. Humans will

Soon forget you, abandon you to sit on the
sidelines of life with the other biggests. Always
in motion is future, the world runs on. You,
Willis Tower, can’t keep up.

~ by hankimler on October 30, 2014.

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