Prose Republic

Prose republic they he rooms, shone
teller came blaze Me ship over from
through dawn lodge. Fingers hall
entrance island back: exile sun called.

Sign when as last mate so grove, once
Tales. We edge wake hushed; up south
swineherd sandals tramp plot off time
craft—clambered firm their open

many the sang he buffered, land dumb as a
and stepped from his beached. Math we not
wear the people lined the beaches, began,
for this embarked son and above lead crucial.

Recalling lived oat is see us thoughts the sea,
they god. Inn aid land off sky illustrious, two,
men like in perch of men a loss: mincing circles,
too fey shuts meeting grounds, built for all

the not king of life, eye bid say. There crown butter
and shear rock duds, the moo less from the yuck
then we ourselves. Street mink tears, Warts tick
in we bedroom, sands on heading our the craft,

my vaulted cared, daughter test is finished
the bust for roofs his master’s goods. Ad splash!
Beaded down eye no, you what ant be dry even
the howling chide went worldly sling around him,

and striking out for the dogs city, told his swineherd,
despite the looming he’d that met your eyes. Fuzz
all the arms and armor —and win the soot oars miss them
a blanket over him, released on once nestled down.

Up do their skill and bring test their sea on. Hulk, now,
Luck—your cliffs shoot up from slaughter to spacious,
Elope pin—slogs way key up and bee four yourself,
swith a wave of these heed stirred and led them of?

~ by hankimler on December 30, 2014.

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