The Evil System of Indifference

I stand up and look around
At the rolling green hills and
the gently flowing waters of
the heart of America.

Over the next rise was a slow
Song, no chant, no lament of a
People who have been unwillingly
disposed of their homeland.

I look down and see mixed into
the green ground weeds of brown,
men and women, the Wengine
who have been betrayed by their

own people in their own land over
thousands of miles over hundreds
of years. A betrayal so deep it unravels
the very idea of nyumbani, family.

Look at the men preaching to these
Wengine that Jesus, their Lord and
Savior, demands that they give their
Lives in service to the white man:

“Male and female slaves are to
come from the nations. They will
become your property. Bequeath
them to your children as inherited

property. Make them slaves for life.
Rule ruthlessly.” They have the
Curse of Ham and are from the old
Canaanite clans. They are Them.

Watch the Southern Baptist movement
Spring to life. In the name and in the love
Of Christ Baptists insist on their right to
Own these heathen Wengine.

Look and see the War of Northern
Agression. The Yankees taking away
Our divine right to own these Wengine,
Taking away our property!

Four Score and Seven Years Ago
Until now we have had rights,
Granted by God himself in Jesus
To own these Wengine so that they
Might come to know the Lord.

Go in to town and watch the Wengine
Exercise his or her new rights
Granted in the 13-15 amendments
To that divine US Constitution.

No longer did God say in his holy
Charter that the Wengine was only
3/5ths of a person. Now the men
are full persons, Women? Well…

See Jim Crow create loop after
Loop for the Wengine to still be
Their slaves ins pite of God chainging
His mind in 1865.

Watch the Southern Baptist Klan
Assert their divine rights to own
Their property, the Wengine, with
Their white sheets and pointed hats.

“Who killed James Reeb? He was murdered by
a few sick, demented, and misguided men
who express dissent through murder.
Murdered by the indifference of every minister

“of the gospel who has remained silent.
He was murdered by the irresponsibility
of every politician who has moved down
the path of demagoguery, who fed his constituents

the stale bread of hatred, the spoiled
meat of racism. Murdered by the timidity
of a federal government that can spend millions
of dollars a day to keep troops

yet cannot protect the lives of its own citizens
seeking constitutional rights. Even murdered
by the cowardice of every Wengine who tacitly
accepts the evil system of segregation,

who stands on the sidelines in the midst
of a mighty struggle for justice. We must
substitute courage for caution, we must
be concerned not merely about who

murdered him, but about the system, the way
of life, the philosophy which produced
the murder. we must work passionately,
unrelentingly Make the American dream a reality.”

Hear the words of this great martyr
As he eulogized a great martyr. Hear
The victories of the white man seeking
To keep the property that now rebels.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964.
The Voting Rights Act of 1965.
Separate but Equal Struck Down
Affirmative Action enacted.

The Divine Law has finally begun
To recognize the Wengine. Hear the
Winds change. See Father Time
Roll out his plan for the slave.

See the whites, those Southern Baptist Klan,
Fight to maintain their privilege. The money,
The power, the whole system is tilted towards
Themselves. To keep the property some whites

must be offered at the altar of their privilege.
And now, “Hands up, Don’t shoot.” Now,
“First Amendment Zones.” Illegal chokeholds
and shooting unarmed black men.

Look beyond to see the great martyr’s dream
Where black men and white women are judged
Not by the color of their skin nor by the gender
They posses but by their character and skill.

Look ahead to more Wengine getting the power
And sharing it with their white brothers. Bath
In the warmth of the Wengine ladies leading a
Nation that did all it could to keep her down.

Walk in the urban neighborhoods that makes
Being a Wengine man in this nation the most dangerous
See the cities become havens of love and equality
For all who live within their city limits.

Embrace the recovery of their nyumbani, family,
As fathers raise their daughters and mothers their
Sons. That a son will know his father as a strong man
And his mother a strong woman. See that world.

It is coming. It is on its way. The violence committed
Against the African that turned them from people
To “Wengine” is being undone. Father Time will no
Longer abide this. The Gospel of Jesus rejects the

Dehumanizing of his creatures for which he died
And raised to new life. The Wengine are humans,
No more, no less, in the new life that Jesus’
Resurrection hurled upon such a cruel world.


~ by hankimler on February 8, 2015.

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