National Poetry Month Day 4

“The Dark Valleys of Seclusion”

How do you live between the dark?

How do you live when the resplendent
light of life shines upon your soul
so brutally it becomes the darkness?

How do you live on the mountain?

How do you live at the peak of life
where the air is cold and full of
ice that seeks to rime your soul?

How do you live with companions?

How can do you have loving friends?

How do you live with those who
will only cuckold you, lie to you,
let you down because they are you?

Isn’t the darkness easier to walk in the
than stumbling dumb around in the
blinding light and falling into the dark?

Aren’t the valleys more comfortable to
forage for than living on the Mount of Frozen
living off of ice like it’s a valued export?

Isn’t loneliness simpler than relationship?

Isn’t it better to never be swindled by friends?

These flashes of success always come with
a price. Nothing in life is ever freely given,
there is no sale on the good things you seek.

The dark valleys of seclusion are more familiar
they are truly home. There the soul finds peace and
rest from the friction of light at the mountain top.

These good things are mere fantasies for the heart.

We all find our way back to our true home.


~ by hankimler on April 4, 2015.

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