National Poetry Month Day 9

“Your Glorious Empire”

When I surveyed your glorious
Empire I stood in awe of its
power and size. Its borders knew
no boundaries and when you spoke,

my Lord, your people listened with
anticipation, eager to
obey your precepts and commands.
Your people were humble, loyal.

You ruled your Empire fiercely
through democratizing sacred
texts; all that you required is
they have your reading of those texts.

If any dared to step outside
of your construal they are then
branded as disloyal, traitors,
rejected by their Empire.

When I survey your glorious
Empire I stand in disbelief
of the weakness that plagues your lands.
Your once iron-clad rule is now

in shambles. The people dare to
read the sacred texts on their own
and the interpretation you
gave them does not reflect the world

of the sacred described in those
texts. You threaten to exile them
and they leave on their own to join
the Visigoths marching upon

Rome, the Babylonians on
the great city Jerusalem.
You are now Honorius the
Emperor when Rome was leveled;

You are Jehoiachin, King of
Judah, who brought about fall
of Solomon’s holy Temple.
You join their ranks to reign over

the end of your wondrous Empire,
your civilization is done.
History will know you and your
ruling elite as harbingers of

your own destruction. Time will move
forward, and a new Empire will
rise in your stead. A new tyrant
to demand our full allegiance.

O my Lord, you are not the first
and you will not be the last. But
the true sacred world will not be
denied. My salvation is here.


~ by hankimler on April 9, 2015.

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