National Poetry Month Day 15

“The Cosmic Imaginary”

If you run fast enough, beyond mere sound,
faster than light, you will escape our world;
not just our planet or solar system,
but our universe, our ideas of
space and time and dimensionality.

There you will enter the true world in which
we live. A world not of multiverses,
but of heaven below and our worst fears
above. Our reality is the meat
of this massive Philly cheese-steak sandwich.

There you will find a war raging on for
eternity between the good below
and the evil in heaven, our notions
of where good and evil come from now flipped
on its head in our backwater mind games.

And there you will learn a dear and deep truth:
that our middle layer of existence
is the battleground between these forces;
a war fought not with weapons or ideas,
but in their vibrant imaginations.

Good and evil, love and hate, fear and the
gallant collide in this imagining
that is our everyday reality.
The lives we live, night and day, battles fought
without mercy or remorse, ferocious.

This cosmic conflagration goes beyond
God and the satan, the demonic hordes.
This is grace, hope, compassion, and mercy;
this is hate, greed, fear, vanity unleashed
and birthing our world into existence.

We spend our days mastering these forces
not knowing the full reality of
this celestial confrontation that
wars in its imaginary mêlées.
We are not the product of our choices.

We are the pawns of this greater, awful
truth. We think that the stories we narrate
through word and film are our inmost dreams. We
are the stories heroes and villains
battle each other with in their vicious

struggle for supremacy over the
other. Our stories are the tales of these
warrior-poets as they imagine
we would see them, an inception like no
Nolan would dare to dream in his madness.

Revel in this truth, feel its freedom and
power. You are a weapon in this fight.
Your life is a field full of blood and flesh,
their imaginary casualties,
from a war you can only imagine.


~ by hankimler on April 15, 2015.

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