National Poetry Month Day 17

“An Awakening”

There has been an awakening,
have you felt it?
Feel the Force around you.
Strength flows from the Force,
it is a powerful ally.
Life creates it—the dark side and the light—
makes it grow.
Its energy surrounds us, and binds us.
Beware calm, passive peace: the dark side are they.
Quicker, easier, more seductive,
once you start down the dark path
it will consume you, dominate your destiny.
Use the Force for attack and defense—
with anger, fear, aggression—
never for knowledge.
The Force is strong in my family.
My father had it, I have it, and my sister has it.
You have that power too.

(Inspired by the teasers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

~ by hankimler on April 17, 2015.

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