National Poetry Month Day 22


Joy is the cool shadow of the mountain
As you rest in the valley of life. All
Of your successes stand behind you.

They tower over you as a monument
To the life that has been, and has thrown
You down to the pit, blocking out the light.

And in the shade there is no need.

In the valley there is no desire.

Joy is that salt water of the ocean
On a hot day at the beach. The heat
Of land no longer torches your feet.

The ocean water clings to your skin
Suffocating it with its healing salts
That leaves you dirty, impure, unclean.

The waves break around you.

They heave you onto the shore.

Joy is that cup of hot coffee on
A cold winter day. It burns the
Roof of your mouth, gagging you.

You spit the drink back in the cup
Of life and let it cool down. It is of
No use to if you can’t drink it.

The joy remains aloof, distant.

She is only a tease of warmth.

Joy is the grand city with people
All around to ignore you, isolate
You from the rest of humanity.

You are alone, a dust mite suspended
In the air, unseen, unheard, unknown.
All is as it should be, no community.

Joy is not being let down by others.

Joy is never knowing love.


~ by hankimler on April 22, 2015.

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