National Poetry Month Day 23

“Moving Forward”

Lenora woke up, gradually, sleepily,
like a white feather floating all over
the deep south trying to find a father
who’s mentally handicapped sending
his son off to school. She looked at

her phone and saw it was 10:39 pm,
just before the nightly news comes on.
She stayed there for about an hour, TV
on for the news and Alastor to read.

At 9:30 pm she got out of bed and showered,
then dressed for a late night run through the
neighborhood—gotta keep the girlish
figure and all. After that she turned the TV

on in the front room and opened up the tablet
to check her social media, Tweets, books of
faces, tumbling—even a dating profile that was
more barren Chernobyl in 1987. It’s not that

she was looking for a man, it’s just that there
would be something wrong, off, she was merely
damaged goods if she didn’t marry—like a
gallon of milk left in the refrigerator too long.

At about 6:30 pm she pulled her dishes out of
the dishwasher and at dinner: baked catfish,
oven roasted broccoli, and rice with quinoa.
She put the dishes back in the cabinets when

she finished eating, the cook wear too. After
that she was off to the office, getting there
just before the evening traffic jam. She parked
in the garage and entered her office. Lenora

was a partner at a prestigious law firm in a
small city—she lived in a suburb, of course.
She wanted that picket fence life but didn’t
need to share it with anyone. What was she,

rotten milk that needed to be thrown away?
She went straight to work, filing papers,
assigning paralegals to their tasks. Then there
were the meetings with clients too. Idiots.

Then there was Shelley, the newest lawyer
at the firm. They held conference calls at 2:30
on the dot—or sex, let’s be honest. Shelley was
a perfect 10 and Lenora wanted a taste of that.

Shelley thought she could get on the fast track
To partner in the firm, plus Lenora was a 10—
and Shelly loved the ladies like a baby loves
its bottle and pacifiers: always in her mouth.

At noon was lunch with a big client one of the
important ones that always broke the laws
and Lenora always found the loopholes to
keep them out of jail or away from pay outs.

After lunch was more of the same: paperwork,
paralegals, and clients. On the rare occasions
she might have to go to court or go somewhere
for a case, but that was less common than a comet.

Before she went home at 6:00 am there was Percy.
He was her personal trainer at the gym. She would
work him out from 7:45 – 6:00 am. Starts with a blow
and end from behind, impersonal is always best.

She would grab some fast food breakfast on the
Way back to her suburban home: two bed and
three bathrooms. She would change into her
pajamas, turn off the alarm on her Alastor.


~ by hankimler on April 23, 2015.

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