National Poetry Month Day 28

“I AM Not You”

I do not know what it’s like to
be you. I AM one of priv’lege.
I AM not talking about $$$—
though I AM not poor. Rather it
is about me being white
and male. I AM a member of
the elite class that dictates how
life in this country is to be.
Those in authority do not
cast the lingering shadow of
suspicion like the Nazi SS
hearing someone addressed by a
Jewish name. Those in power
do not feel the need to cross the street
when I approach them wearing a
hoodie at night when going for
a walk. I AM of privilege,
a club whose membership is free
for those born as I AM: white, male.
I do not pay to play the course,
I shoot the course without any
handicap. I AM second, that
is my people came here second
and told the first people to leave.
I AM that which bought and sold you
as property, money, and
then discarded when useless. I
AM the one who destroyed any
idea of family you had
when I forced you to be money,
my property to ravage and
exploit for my capitalist
gains on the New York Stock Exchange.
I took your dignity away
and demand your integrity.
I AM of privilege. You can’t
have my stuff: political and
economic power. You are
not human, only 3/5. If
you don’t like it you can go back
to the place I took you from,
a place that is no longer your
home. I AM of privilege, I
don’t get why you fucking complain.

~ by hankimler on April 28, 2015.

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