Captain America: Civil War Revisited

So the trailer to Captain America: Civil War was released last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It is brilliant to say the least—though not as emotionally charged as the Star Wars trailers have been. Want proof? Here:

There are a couple of things I just want t point out. First, the trailer held back on a lot of the movie. A lot. There was no Crossbones or Baron Zemo. Martin Freeman’s mystery character wasn’t in the trailer. Both Sharon Carter and the Vision were also absent. And there was no Spider-Man either. Like the Star Wars trailers, the trailer held back on a lot of the plot but instead gave us great character motivations, scope and tone. Star’s response to Captain America saying he didn’t want to do “this” but Bucky is his friend was priceless, “So was I.” The trailer showed us that this is not a good thing to have Captain America and Iron Man battling each other. The family has a disagreement and couldn’t work it out in a civilized way. It’s tragic.

Also, this trailer showed us that this film is not an Avengers 2.5 even with the cast being mostly Avengers characters. Rather, it’s a Captain America story. It’s Steve’s quest to redeem Bucky from the Winter Soldier. The question we can gather in the trailer is one of cost. How much is Steve willing to pay to get his only link to 1945 back? Keeping this relationship at the heart of the story keeps this movie focused on relationships and not on big action sequences. The fights inform the story—sorry Jason Statham, well-acted story is better than mindless, huge action. Don’t get me wrong, that ending of Cap and Bucky double-teaming Stark and utilizing the shield in such a seamless way was amazing, especially as a wide shot to capture the action. But what stands out the most is the deep connection those two have after being separated for so long. It’s the Cap-Bucky relationship on display in the way they team up.

When one compares this trailer to what WB has released for Batman v Superman, I am even more nervous for the WB movie. With rumors swirling around the internet of a secret villain, whether Doomsday or Metallo, the movie just seems to be very disconcerting. Hopefully a new, final, trailer will be released that will tease the character relationships between Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Batman v Superman feels more like Zach Snyder spectacle than deep, rich story-telling with complex characters and themes. I’m just nervous for that film, especially because there are rumors also floating around that the execs at WB want more Batman and less Superman in a move called Batman v Superman. Not good.

What did you think of the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War? Good (duh)? Bad (no it’s not, lol)? Do you think that this film will be better than Batman v Superman, or does DC finally look poised to return to the top of the superhero film market?

~ by hankimler on November 25, 2015.

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